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Pacific Gyre

Pacific Gyre designs and manufactures an array of products used to track currents and ice motion, collect environmental data and mark remotely deployed assets. These products include GPS receivers and satellite telemetry systems and are used to track and monitor environmental conditions and assets in near real-time. Data collected is processed, stored and available to customers online.

Available sensors include:

  • Sea surface temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Wind velocity
  • Water temperature profiles
  • Sea surface salinity

Customers include research institutions, governmental agencies and municipalities wishing to collect physical data about the open-ocean, coastal waters, lakes, rivers, and estuaries. Pacific Gyre manufactures a suite of standard products, and also works with customers to innovate new designs.

Capabilities include:

  • Design, engineering and manufacture of drifting buoy platforms
  • Design and manufacture of embedded controllers for data acquisition
  • Integration of satellite and wireless messaging technology
  • Integration of environmental sensors
  • Web access to collected data, including custom reporting, mapping and archival
ocean waves

Contact Us

Pacific Gyre’s engineering team is committed to helping you build the correct solution for your scientific and commercial needs. As scientists ourselves, we recognize that no two projects have the same needs, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss the details of your project.

Tel: (760) 433-6300
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